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On 8/13/18 i went to a local verizon store to switch my straight talk phone to verizon. The man working told me jo problem and charged me $138, $35 for an activation fee, $35 for verizon sim card and $70 for one month of service.

He then began setting up my phone and said oh i was afraid this was gonna happen. I was then informed my straight phone was locked and not able to be unlocked, so my choices were to buy a new phone at $400 or a used phone at $200, i told him when i went in i did not want to apend $400. So i asked him to refund my money and i would just keep my original phone he said this was impossible.

Now my original phone is stuck on a setup screen I cant even get my contacts and verizon has my $138 plus the service was activated so i was charged with a service i can not use. Absolutely ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Wireless Service Transfer.

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If you were wise and gave them your credit card but did not receive the product(s) as promised, then just dispute the charge(s) and cancel your contract with Verizon as they were unable to actually provide any services due to their employees inability to do so. As for your original phone, you can try a couple of things: call the Straight Talk people and see if they have a solution for your locked phone screen.

Or, you can do a web search for this particular problem and a solution for it. I expect you are not the only person who has had this problem and there should be a solution out there.