A couple of months ago my prepaid service ended before the 30 days was up and my payment was due approximately 4 days prior to the the end of the 30-day contract I noticed that the dates weren't correct for the cut off so I called Verizon they argued with me but finally I got it rectified and they gave me a month's service okay halfway not even halfway through that month which was about 2 months ago I got a message stating I believe it was February 6th that I had run out of data now this is not even halfway through my 30-day plan and mind you Verizon's plans by their design are 30 days for the prepaid plans whether you pay it on the 1st the 2nd the 9th or the 12th it's 30 days from that date okay so I got through that month and they did the very same thing on that month so I called him back fought with him I ended up having to pay they did it to me again cut it off before the 30 days was up now during this time they also sent me a message stating that my data had run out on the same exact day of the month has the prior month and the prior month before that that is impossible absolutely impossible so again I contacted them and the reps did not want to help they said that it was my fault I should pay my bill I told him it was a prepaid plan which is a 30-day plan and they just wouldn't listen but come to find out I looked back and this has been going on for some time I just hadn't noticed it now to me that is stealing my money and God knows how many other customers money because we pay for 30 days and on top of that it's fraud they're defrauding us at every turn anyway they did the same exact thing to me this month they cut me off and now with 12 days to go in my 30-day plan I am mysteriously out of data again on the same day of the month as the last 3 months something needs to be done I think that we need compensation because they're doing this to everyone I assure you

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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