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received a letter from 9/30/2019 Georgia Department of Law and Verizon Wireless Executive Relations had 10 days to follow up with both GDOL and I and never heard from them...I even gave Verizon more time and wrote back to Georgia Department of Law and told them..... Verizon thinks they have the right to do anything they want, and I want to know why....

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July 13, 2019 we had 2 of the 3 phone #'s stolen off of our account with verizon. Our #'s were ported to AT&T and 2 new Iphone XS's & 2 iphone watches were bought at Bestbuy in Jacksonville, NC store #0805.

I went to Verizon main store in NorthCanton,Ohio, because we live here, and talked to fraud unit for 4 hours on 7/15... even though Bestbuy was told by me that the phones were stolen, they told me that someone came in with a drivers license and code but Verizon never called like they do when I want to change something and I pay the bill, they have never filed a police report once they were told about the fraud....even the people that work at the Verizon store keep getting transferred to different parties when they are trying to report a fraud, then they have to tell the whole story over and over again.....I will not be a customer after this contract, yeah they got me on a 2 yr again because I needed a phone because I was told my Iphone4 couldn't be set back up... I had to make the sheriff report, and I have called/emailed the Attorney Generals of Ohio, North Carolina, & Georgia....

which Verizon has already LIED TO Ohio Attorney General saying my bill was $20 more than it was told to me from emails from them and the bill from getting my phone. (they want that $$ from those phones that they turned on, and is NOT GETTING IT FROM US) Angry *** we will see what next months billing is, forgot to tell ya that they set up another account with our name on it (#2) and they think that we are going to keep these numbers on....NOT....

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Wireless Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: want this person caught and arrested for fraud.

Verizon Wireless Pros: Still looking for something to like about verizon, You are a bunch of overcharging crooks.

Verizon Wireless Cons: No help with my problem, Poor attitude of manager.

  • Verizon Deceptive Sales Practices
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