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23.5 hours on chat and phone no resolution

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Update by user Aug 23, 2021

Still waiting on a rep frm executive care team.

Original review posted by user Aug 23, 2021
My name is Charlie Swindall and I am 62 years old and a person that dearly regrets that born of ignorance, I sat here chained to what ever was the biggest fastest computer that I could build and afford and a land line telephone that I manned 16 hours a day on the short ones and 7 days a week regardless I joked with the other ignorant ones about how these kids are with these cell phones. The last such I had came complete with a pigtail curly cord and a regular phone receiver and a battery pack that needed a team of mules to pack. I had not a clue that the technology had grown so. The truth is that I was way too busy for that as I had advertised myself to be the worlds premier master hatter and so I had to learn to be that or would have had too but learned that no other I could find in the custom hat industry knew anything either. Still I pursued my masters in an arcane industry and surely I did achieve my goal but at a cost but I digress. When I toyed with a small 8 dollar maybe cell phone then and it having likely some prepaid straight talk through Verizon service but that did not interest me then so much as I realized that this tiny little devise had a some what powerful and nearly equivalent to in many aspects a home owner laptop. I was soon to learn that this thing called android that I had not learned about as I left computers and went to hats was then very Linux variant that had a UI that I thought should always be and would be the ultimate OS and here it was already. I knew that evening as I sat there in a camper trailer that was sized for less than one but was what I was reduced to after the drug addicts that I had tried to employ had burned me out multiple times, that this little phone had surely to be the smaller sibling of a much larger brother out there some where that may have a larger screen and key board but still be small enough to hold in your hand and also come to take on some substantial case when working and dress down to something protective but sleek for the dance floor at Pound VA town hall on Thursday nights. I may have mentioned about being the worlds premier master hatter the title now belonging to my apprentice and ex-wife but I did not mention how I was also a back woods hillbilly that ran a unique global empire from a home cottage setting in the back woods or South West VA and did so from a land line and a hand made box that was as good as they got as it had to be as it was the real brain of that outfit. I will hot share any more of my sorry life as this is no about me but I tell you all this so you will know the love I have of your technology. You can now I hope imagine how that Samsung and the Note family powered by Verizon Technologies, set me free as if I had unchained the dogs after a 12 year term with a bad master. I could take my business anywhere and I had a telephone and my only phone these day as it has the capability, I just learned a few days back of having a multiple lines. I fear if I do not stop my true life story and lead in to my belief that any company no matter how wonderful the offering of products--- and how I know this so well having offered 2500 to 30,000 dollar hand made bespoke hats to the rich and sometimes deserving but always gifting them these fine creations as they 100% of the time purchased my one of a kind world premier services that they had not seen often in a life time and others in twenty years--- You have to have service as at the end of the day it is what people really buy as they just accept the rest of the package like the product and all but when things go south, they only can recall the service and when they buy again and in multiples they are buying service because the last outfit they signed to did not provide near enough of it. Sir I am about to relate a story to you of my recent encounter with Verizon customer care and level two technical support that I do not believe you can fathom to be true unless and until you find the truth of all I say will add up to the points that are revealed in the supposed notes they take on such service call as they choose not to share them with me and only assure me that they are notating all. I have not a clue if they notate any or all and how their notes translates to what is real but I do know for a fact that some very hostile reps can slant the language of the notes to where there is some skewed version of what was not presented and bolded or highlighted or some how made to be the predominant theme that cause a some or many or most reps to glance at those notes on a return call and immediately take disdain at you and ask if you are wishing to get some extravagant piece of technology awarded to you and for no valuable reason that they can see and thus you are to be brushed off quickly and shewed away and you know such actions could very well dissuade many a devout Verizon user out there and also may well make them wish to try ATT out as well since they cover similar grounds and they are not captive. While I am certainly letting you know that that first line of defense reps are certainly there, they do not dissuade me with the level of torment that I have already had with the upper and senior staff of customer and devise care or technical. I will just start this out with a bang and start naming names and say I would not be calling back in and asking for the next one I can get that may read the notes and hear my voice and my story and know that I am or was asking first and far most for retraining for the errant folks that impacted me so that I have bitterly wept as a grown man with strong personality and tough resolve and not normally prone to any such outbreaks but still doing so after just mentioning how the behaviors I had encountered would break a lesser soul. May I now relate my journey here thus far and how I was brutalized by a series but not all of your reps and in fact found a few that had compassion one that had professionalism all over her surface and gile all over her heart and she salted the notes thus to make them look revolting on a glance and her name was and she proudly says Jessica from and Alabama. I am sure she will be in the note and sure if called up on will be able to give a most professional reply with little or no hint of the personal disregard she had toward me or me as demonstrated in previous notes she read. Now I wish to at this point say I take full responsibility for my thoughts and my actions and some of my actions were quite deplorable and my excuse of reacting and not acting is not a very noble one. With that disclaimed, I wish to say that once I sobered up after about 7+ hours on with the first level cust care rep and continuing with her supervisor that took over the call with out any prenotice nor acknowledging that she had been party to the later part of the conversation where it had degraded as my experience with the first rep degraded and then ship wreaked as I reacted so poorly with my behavior but not my intent which was to climb the latter till I found some one that would put my name on a package that was coming to me. A simple feat turned to a major fiasco that lasted literally for 23.5 hours on a chat and on the phone and I say lasted but should say lasted so far as you can see I am still at it after a few hours sleep and then research showed me this page on the internet that is some pissed at Verizon and it almost describes me but I rarely to ever get pissed and yet some times I get indignant and this thing I call principal that rules my life takes over and while it may be a mental illness that makes one seek justice or too many westerns as a child, it is still my lot in life and here I remain and continuing. My story : I was surfing the internet when I ran upon an article about how that Verizon helps some deserving and some needy with the free assistance of a network extender as I sought to find what the heck this fem2cell feature on my note 20 ultra that said none found was about. So I called Verizon wireless up and got one of your hawkers that wished to see me this thing and yet was quite helpful to move me along when he learned of my impoverished state and how my life now has declined till I live on the charity of a relative. The next rep I met was nice and concerned and yet also diligent and attempted to have me turn in my existing telephone and upgrade it to a new one and thus be awarded a free network extender, When I explained that while I was the single admin on the account and had nearly full power of use of it that my sister owned the account and the payments made toward my phone was by her CC and I would not choose to add any charges to that card without her consent as she was the owner and also she would likely love to upgrade me if there was an upgrade as I have I believe the latest and greatest out there already but she would not do anything when she already only has 3 or five minute periods in her work filed life to talk with me as it were and those generally of late so static filled or disconnecting that she would never upgrade or even likely continue with her contract now if she did not first get some signal here at my house as I stay pretty chained to it as I did the land line now except Thursday night bluegrass dancing for 2 hours. When she learned of my disdain for the Verizon app and cloud that I had uninstalled long ago due to their being so not ftp like and giving 5 gb of space and limiting file type so it was for me undesirable to use and thus was unavailable for some or other test, she involved some engineer into the process and also scheduled a tower inspection and approved a network extender and then maybe due to end of shift announced that a senior was taking over the call. That senior also very nice and helpful but maybe a bit lax with no real complaint here but maybe should be as somehow she is at the root of all of this starting, tells me that the deed was down already and I had been approved for the network extender and then somehow seems she wished to continue to talk but less professional and casual to the point that I was tired and asked if she wished my shipping name and address and email to confirm with her records. She affirmed and a couple more god byes later and I finally discontinued before another goodbye hello from her as she had all the info she needed. Maybe she was lonely as I learn later many reps or most work from home if the truth was told by Jessica from Alabama later on in my quest. Regardless when I realized a couple days later that I had not gotten her email I called back in and found that the order was indeed all approved and yet was not finalized for some unknown reason but would be finalized now and email confirmation. No sooner than I hang up, I realized that I had forgotten to ask if this would be labeled to ship to me as the last agent was supposed to have verified and done already. I did not know the gal I just spoke to would not be available and there started me on a 23.5 hour venture without a break using first chat with the first one I was transferred to and then to her first level customer care supervisor that would hold me in chat for some several hours refusing to transfer me in the chat to the second level technical service that she insisted I needed as they were only available by phone and while I did not believe this and in fact had one of my rare physic knowing moments and was positive that was not true then as that rare gift had never failed in a life time of popping up at time. Towards the end of my non chat with that supervisor that refused to speak during the last 15 or so minutes or more finally clicked me off and so I returned to chat and got a man that was in same building as the supervisor and knew her when I said her name was Casey and again I am positive she is in the notes. This very nice man assured me that second level chat was indeed available and while he had no comment on why the supervisor would not send me there, that he would gladly do so when I was ready and if I choose to take a moment to compose myself and he would be delighted to transfer on my say so. He did exactly this and I met the first level person there named Hazel. Now I wish to back up a moment and say the incredible thing that I know in my heart likely happened not based on psychic knowing but on the deductive strategy of eliminating all that cannot be and what ever is left has to be. This supervisor named Casey I believe wished me off that chat so badly as she had developed a sincere hate for me due to my rude crude and just down right uncalled for foul mouth and bad behavior and purposefully tormenting her as I knew she was not being honest in an attempt to cause her to come clean and transfer me in the chat, that she upon getting me out of that chat or else in the fifteen minutes of not chatting had gained access to the My version account of my sisters and DID DO THE UNTHINKABLE. She entered the account and removed or else some how via tools at hand disabled the 4 digit point that was set. The full effect of this, I am not sure of but it caused the automated answering to announce that for some unknown reason that my pin was deactivated. Also the next 3 unknown reps I was to reach would state the same thing to me and yet, I was next in line to meet a gal that proudly called herself Jessica from Alabama. Now not to distract from my encounter previous to this with Hazel and then her supervisor named, I wish to say Ethan but have misplaced the card his name is legible on and the back up note I have here it is not but the notes internal there will show this. First of all however I have to say about this Jessica of Alabama demands that my pin is not deactivated and that no rep or supervisor there or even me as manager of this account can possible access nor change that and my sister in conjunction with a special rep that verifies her as she alone can change or set or access this feature of the account. When I inform her that all I know is that before her, the three answering reps and the preceding electronic announcements all say that the pin is deactivated and why would they if it were not. She keeps insisting that she is looking at some internal feature and that my pin is absolutely not deactivated and on my insistence it is she ask me to hold and checks some other resource supposedly and comes back to re affirm that it positively is not deactivated or in any other state than working properly. She also tells me that ALL version reps are working from home now and is another world due to Covid. So I explain to her that I wish to file a grievance against two employees and she insist she is ultimately qualified and desirous to do this for me and quoting her professionalism is unstainable when I express my distrust for some of the reps I have encountered and now my further distrust of even her and how I will not have her to file the grievances and will seek another in the Verizon family to do this and also hope that same one can also free my heart of the discord it now has and if not I will continue to reach out till I do find that solstice. I was by then keenly aware of the hatred she too had for me and clearly was a proponent of the me too movement and thought me to be a vile perpetrator based on the notes that were surely embellished by this first level cust care supervisor named Casey. Now back to Hazel and her supervisor in level 2 Tech. I told Hazel how that I had a network extender that was approved to be sent to me and yet that the labeling I had verified was reflecting my sisters name and not at all my own and I wished to be included or exclusively listed as the name above my very own shipping address as the delivery drivers here in rural VA already try to find any excuse to not drive up and most times return not deliverable any parcel they can find fault with and she had not lived back here in the past 50+ years and please do anything but allow the package to ship as it was labeled now. She assured me that would be impossible and that my desire to speak to her supervisor would fall on death ears for he would tell me the same and that that package WAS GOING TO SHIP AS WAS. She soon gave up the helm and transferred me to again I wish to say Ethan but the notes will identify him. So I get on with that super and he is completely over bearing as was Jessica if Alabama and refuses to listen to me and tried to avoid my issue with canned replied not in duplicate or triplicate or quadruple but in multitudes for the following 2+ hours or more. Then all of a sudden he decides to listen as he is now ready to end this chat and I ask again if he will void the last package label and issue a new one with my name included or at least in care of. He then as if he is a totally new rep says hold for two minutes and comes back to say this is not a problem at all and if I were to get two of these, to send one back or risk being charged with it. I then tease him for a moment to say after all the abuse I have suffered I am not sure if I would send it back due to pain and suffering I may keep that for compensation. He then offers me to give me 20% off the existing amount owed on the contract and issue it as a credit on the bill. I tell him my sister pays that bill and it would be insignificant to her as she makes more money than god. She then offers to pay that amount some 26 and change to a pair of ear buds for me and bill the balance of 199 to my sisters account. I tell him that I sure do need the good ear buds badly but would not add a penny to my sisters account without her say so and further more found it insulting that he would offer me such a paltry sum to cover the then 19 hours of abuse I had endured for no cause as if the first super had sent me there by chat and not lied and he had listened to me in the first 5 minutes that I had explained how to solve this to my satisfaction, then I would have been off the issue in less than an hour and likely a half and there would be no cause nor claim for compensation. To this end after more of his canned messages in multiples he offered me then a 39.00 dollar pair of ear buds and when he learned that I seek so little in my life but seek only the better and best and that I would wish for the ear buds that were like the phone I had and that on the upper crust so he offers then me half off or 100 dollars off the 199 ear buds he offered at the beginning and then got like Hazel before him demanding that there were now three options before me and than I WOULD CHOOSE ONE and further more this chat had went on far long enough and he was ready to end it. He stated the offer of the 100 off would stand and he would note it in case I decided for it and it would not expire and I could call back in. I then repeated my request for the name of his supervisor as I had done several times before now and each time before he interjected with some other answer and would not and did not give the name of his super. This time he then after demanding then I would take nothing since I would not take his options and again his other canned response is there anything else now? When I saw there was no more to discuss with him, I then had a singular and not multi request I ask the name of his super again and at that time like the super in level named Casey had done, he hung up or disconnected from me with out answering. So I continued to reach out and there I met after three more short calls miss Jessica from Alabama and she demanded she take this case over and yet she while pretending to be the utmost professional for sure was hiding that she had read the notes and joined in spirit to the super at level one and was going to defend Caseys actions and even lie about Caseys ability and kept repeating how she had 7 years invested there and was thus clearly qualified and ready to give me the justice I sought or at least that which she thought I should have. That would be that she would not keep the offer that Ethan had given me and that she would consider a 25 dollar offer for me and no more and that was standard for all reps and all I should expect. She tried to dissuade me from reaching out any more and allow her to conclude this matter for me. I declined and continued to call. I then met Jennifer a cust care rep that validated my pin was deactivated and tried to help me reset my pass word on My Verizon so to hopefully fix this and then in that process I encountered the secret question security feature and was astounded to find a secret question there that I had not set and one I would never have set and one I could not answer. It was only after she had kindly transferred me to her super named Tiffany to have her assist me in filing the grievance on both Casey and Ethan all the time insisting that I wished them no harm and no discipline and only wished them retraining as I had told this person named Jessica from Alabama before. Now Jessica spitefully did salt those notes so that they reflected that I had only one concern and that was to get the `199 earbuds and not pay the 100 as I am sure you will see if and when you read the notes and did not have them reflect that my cause was to get these folks retrained and my secondary thought was to now also be compensated for the time and trouble and pain and suffering I had gotten. So Tiffany seems quite nice and does agree to file my grievance and says she also will not agree to my getting the balance of the 100 off those ear buds. So I continue to reach out and I then met Trina a woman of color and a very nice lady and jovial and yet quite professional I thought and yet now question that belief. I explained to her the time I had spent of over 23 .5 hours by phone and now with one break over 26 hours as I had it figured She said she wished to help me end my agony and she first helped me find a way to reset my pass word and pin using both the phone where I reinstalled the My Verizon app and the browser version of My Verizon. She also said she was going to send me the ear buds and ask my address and all and then ask I show her the ear buds in question and explained they were 199 is all I knew and Ethan had introduced me to them but I had not actually seen them but based on the price assumed they were suited to my phone and she then says they will possibly charged to my sisters account but she would adequately note the file where if so I could call in and they would adjust this cost off the bill. During finalizing resetting my pass and all, I got the email saying she had added a 79.0o0 ear bud set to my sisters bill. She then started kind of rushing me after I informed her she may have chosen the wrong ear buds as I got a email and bill for 79.00. Now she did not respond to that issue and continued to push me to reset the pass and trying new things and asking in a hurried manner if I got it yet. When I told her I was sure I had but just a second more while the page loads she had gone from the call. As all three reps Tiffany, Jennifer and Trina told me they would continue to monitor my case and check in with me. I thought I could call back in and get Trina on phone based on her saying she was so noting things in the file. Now where Trina just made a mistake in choosing the 79.00 ear buds and not choosing the 199.00 ones she led me to believe she was choosing for me and finalizing my need for more call ins, I am not sure as she may as well as thought me to accept the 79,00 ones and thus hung up on me also and not at all was disconnected as the couple others like Jennifer was disconnected and called me back but Trina did not call back and now there is a pair of 79.00 ear buds charged to my sisters account with a rebate link attached to them and yet when it is clicked it says cannot apply and call the listed number instead. Now I end here and say this. I am not ending here until I am sure the two folks named Casey and I believe Ethan are to be retrained and not until now I get the 199 ear buds as it is far less than any fair compensation but I told Ethan at the point he was begging to leave the chat as he was tired, I would drop all oif he needed to gp so badly if he would give up the 199 ear buds and I am a man of my word one way and the other. So my prayer is in short that you check into this and you make sure at least two and possibly more gets retraining and that I get my 199 ear buds and I will drop it all as I said I would and if not as I say I will continue on but not for the 199 but for true compensation. Please call or txt or email me as you wish any time day or night as I will not sleep till this is concluded. Namaste Charlie Swindall Gladhatter Hat Company 276-455-****

User's recommendation: Do not be in hurry or expect much from the cpvid fearing verizon clan.

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That was much too long! It was a booklet.

I couldn’t finish it as scroll after scroll it went on and on and eventually became bored and moved on to the next review. But even then it would just go on and on. I’m sure you gave a review worthy of being read to the end.

I developed a headache and after many swipes I finally got to the end. Sorry, I didn’t have the patience to read it all.



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  • Good phones
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  • But never offered any reqal solution to fix the problems
Preferred solution
Satisfaction and the 199.00 ear buds that Ms Trina said she was sending me and instead she sent some 70 junk and billed them to my sisters account. Also seek sincere appology and retraining for the offending reps and tech.

I do not have a phone with number 201-273-****