Ive been a VW customer for more than 6 years. I have 5 lines and purchased 3 devices from them, a cell phone and 2 laptops.

On average my bill runs around $350 per month which I have faithfully paid on time for 72 months in a row. In Dec 20, I bought my daughter a laptop for Christmas and per VW policy, I was required to carry a data line @ $20 per month. No problem for me as the wi-if here is spotty and so this would ensure that my daughter would still be able to, and according to VW, automatically switch over to her data line and shed be able to connect to the internet. Given that she was taking her 7th grade school year online, Id have needed the data plan regardless of VW policy.

However, each and and every single time this happened, which was more often than one would expect, the data never automatically kicked in and there is no button, switch, app, stick or any other method on my, the consumers end to make that happen. The first time I called VW was in March 20. They explained it hadnt been activated on their end, apologized and were to credit my account back $60 for the 3 mos I paid for a service I hadnt received. Fast forward to June 20, when once again the data didnt kick.

This time, having a bit more knowledge, I decided to check on the app, exactly how much data usage was recorded going back to March 20. The answer,.0.00. Now, Im mildly annoyed. Ive got to call in again, remain on hold for Lord knows how long, explain the entire situation all over again and hope thatll get someone thats actually competent and will follow through with the point of our discussion.

I thought I had. A month later, I was sick for months with an infection in my kidney that eventually landed me in the hospital for several weeks which made it so, that for the first time in 6 years, I needed to call in and explain that having been in the hospital as long as I had, and for as sick as I was, had no way of doing any banking and could we please come to an arrangement that gave me more time to put a power of attorney in place that could interact with the bank on my behalf. They agreed and the new due date was to be April 4 22. As if all of this wasnt bad enough, on the 31st of March 22, 4 days before the agreement we had come to, VW began arbitrarily to interfere with my, and more importantly, my childrens service.

While Im laying in a hospital bed, at points my son couldnt get or receive texts. And then I experienced the same. Not constant, just sporadically. Next, it was the ability to place a call.

Some would go through while others wouldnt. Originally I had chalked it up to likely just the weather never imagining that a corp as large as VW would agree to leave my service alone, at least until the 4th of April. I couldnt have been more wrong. The final and most infuriating piece came later on that night.

My 13 year old daughter received a mssg to her phone telling her that her service had been interrupted and that she needed to contact the VW financial dept immediately. She is not the account owner, I am. She had never received any type of communication from VW for any reason, including upgrades and promotions. I was still able to make and receive calls and so was my son.

It was now clear that although VW had agreed on their end to wait a few more days for payment, they were going to play these games, or try to intimidate me into paying sooner.

Their tactic worked. I was given a mssg that my daughter was unable to reach me.. in the hospital.. for reasons explained above.

I tried calling VW financial dept from my hospital bed, it was not going to be a pleasant conversation, but when I tried, I wasnt afforded that courtesy as when I did try I repeatedly got a mssg saying that I needed to make a payment immediately and it disconnected. I could not even speak to a live person, 4 days before when they had agreed to accept payment. Thats fortunate for whomever wouldve answered that call. The next day I checked myself out of the hospital for the sole purpose of dealing with VW.

Went to the bank, payed the bill, in full and made the next phone call, to which I was now permitted to speak to someone. It was mostly an exercise in futility. Im sorry to hear that, but thank you for being the best part of Verizon. The best part of Verizon??

Really??? It was then I remember the laptop I had purchased and the not 1, but 2 calls I had made before I was sick. So, I asked the rep to check for me, again already knowing the answer. 15 months removed from the initial purchase, more than an hour of my time, twice, and still the line I had been paying for all that time still had never been connected.

Smh. Now, the same entity that couldnt honor the agreement that was in place owes me $300. While I had to pay them immediately if not sooner Im now expected to wait, 1 for a supervisor to call me, which shouldve been within 24 hours after I had made the payment and 2, 7-10 business days for the money they now owe me, so that I can take my 5 lines straight to their competitor and never look back. Oh, and just for good measure, its 5 days later and Ive yet to receive that call.

Sometimes, corporations get so big that they forget its their customers that got them there. If Im the best part of Verizon Wireless, theyre in trouble. I intend to share this experience across every platform I can find.

I implore anyone thinking of using VW for any purpose to think twice. There is no best part of Verizon.

User's recommendation: Take your business elsewhere.

Location: Malvern, Pennsylvania

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