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I explained that my home and my neighborhood are experiencing no cellular data. Our connection for voice call are fine with no dropped calls but if I/we try to use our browser we get a 1x connection.

We were getting 4g LTE and everything worked fine up to 30 days ago. I explained to the customer service person (on chat) that a 1x connection will not allow a data or internet connection on any cell phone we have weather we are inside our outside our home. After 2 hours 15 min of testing my phone ( resetting, turning off, try this, try that ) I was transferred chat person to chat person to chat person. After each advanced tech chat person I chatttttted to you finely get frustrated.

Finally the last advanced tec chat person I chatted to they agreed with me that we have a cell tower issue that serves my home and neighborhood. 1x is a terrible connection and would refer my problem and I was issued a ticket number NRN00001069****. During all the different advanced tech chatters I explained again that we have no internet providers in our are and I have to use a friends internet connection 2 miles away because a 1X connection will not even allow a chat session with customer service.( If I could only talk to a real live person with Verizon)

When I received my resolution the next day from Verizon Network Support ( again I have to go to friends house to use my Verizon app) The resolution was for me to get a Network Booster.

Wrong Wrong Wrong.

I wish I could explain to Network Support that you have to have internet for a Network Booster to work because the voice call is converted to a VoIP call (voice over Internet protocol) and routed through the Booster over the Internet.

So yes in short I and neighbors are frustrated. We cannot talk to a real Version person and explain high volume peak use times and 1x is the problem with our neighborhood cell tower.

User's recommendation: Ask Version to call their customers back and stop chatting.

Location: Port Charlotte, Florida

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