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I’m from Massachusetts, while on vacation in Montana my cell phone died in Miles City. It happened to be the day the Galaxy Note 7 came out so I early terminated my old phone ($37.00) and received a new black Note 7 (I wanted blue but the store didn’t have any) upgrade.

Now that I’m back in Massachusetts and the Note 7 phones are recalled, I went to my local Verizon store and was told they wouldn’t replace it as I did not purchase it from them (???). It did say Verizon on the door right? No, they wouldn’t replace it but I should take it back to where I purchased it or call Verizon Corporate and they will take care of it. After seemingly decades on hold I finally reach someone that told me a “corporate” Verizon store would absolutely replace it for me. She even gave me the address of the nearest corporate store to me being the Avon MA. Store only 30 minutes or so from my house. So the next day my wife and daughter take the phone to the Verizon “Corporate” store only to be told by the manager in no uncertain terms that they would not exchange my phone but that I should contact Samsung or return it at the store I purchased it.. Remember, I’m in Massachusetts and this store is in Miles City Montana, 2,111 miles and 31 hours’ worth of driving away! Getting ahold of Samsung was a ‘little’ easier but since I did not purchase it from Samdung directly I was told the same thing, “take it back to where I purchased it or call Verizon Corporate and they will take care of it”.

So now I call Verizon Corporate again and get a very understanding woman whose 1st language actually is English and after reading the Verizon policies calls the Avon store to speak directly to the manager Wes and straighten him out so he will replace my phone (these things are actually Blowing Up!). She comes back after talking to Wes and proceeds to tell me to “take it back to where I purchased it or call Samsung and they will take care of it, sorry. Since I did not purchase it from a Verizon “Corporate” store they will not replace my phone but please keep paying your bill and don’t use the phone because they’re really blowing up”. Ok, I added the last part but this is ridiculous !!!

So, anyone want to drive with me back to Montana???

This reviewer shared experience about return, exchange or cancellation policy and wants this business to "i would like a verizon corporate store to replace my samsung galaxy note7 with a new, not refurbished, gaalaxy note7 and not have to drive all the way back to miles city montana to replace my phone". This person is overall dissatisfied with Verizon Wireless. The most disappointing about verizon wireless customer care at Verizon Wireless was you didnot purchase it from me Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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