I have been a loyal customer with Verizon since 1990. Ive been very happy with customer service and tech support; both in person and on line.

Recently, and no fault of the employees of the Verizon Wireless Authorized Store, I had an issue that made me rethink my long relationship with Verizon. In short my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was having connectivity issues. After several calls to tech and visits to the local Verizon wireless Authorized Store ( the person who helped me was great and knew what he was doing) they ordered me a warranty replacement. However when it arrive I immediately went to the local store to have it set up.

Unbeknownst to me I was sent the wrong phone a Samsung Galaxy 8 plus. It came to my attention upon driving home on my vehicles display. As a Galaxy 8 plus. When I returned home I call the Verizon Store just left and told them of the problem asking if I had to pay the set up fee again.

I was told yes. I asked for consideration as it was not my fault I was sent the wrong device. I was told that I would have to pay again. Its not money $31.00 but principal.

They dont have any consideration for loyal customers.

I know people change companies all the time but me if Im happy, Im good with what I have. I have had great service and tech support w Verizon but may be switching.

Verizon Wireless Pros: Good coverage.

Verizon Wireless Cons: Not flexible.

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