Day 1 sold wrong phones, 2 Phones 12

day 2 returned phones for 2020 SE

day 3 no emails to phones returned wife's phone was still downloading data, at our house for 14 hours

got both phones downloaded to 2020 SE

day 4 no email for my phone, setting keep changing

days 5,6.7,8,9 put on Verizon mail app, that stops my computer from average 300 emails a day

next they removed the app and proceeded to enter the wrong password, missed one digit, so sales person simply added another digit, and changed my email security words, phone worked but not my Computer, which has Mozilla Thunderbird as my email program

called someone at AT&;;;;T server to reset a 15-year old email address on my computer had not received or sent an email since March 16, today is April11, 20211 first day at that store was 3/15/2021

note: I have an email program on my phone Mozilla Thunderbird

I have had to change all security on multiple credit cards, and in the process of calling 4 credit bureau's

the owner of this company is rarely there, but he has people that should not be selling phones

my text message bill was $308.xx per month, charged for 4 phones, 4 phone cases, 4 screen shields, 4 set up fees, 2 return fees (1 day) they called us, and went to buy one get one 2020 SE phones,

this has blocked me from getting emails avg 200-350 per day,

9 days out of 14 days,

still had wrong password, got that fixed iPhone but not for computer on likely AT&;amp;amp;T server, shows blocked, but get emails on cell phone, not my emails on computer, by now I have well over thousands of emails not received, imagine reading 200-350 emails a day on cell phones

please help, store is useless, owner saw twice in 9 visits, total 10 minutes as for the 9 visits average was 3 hours each.

the only thing they were concerned about was selling phones

In my 9 days over 30 hours in that store, there were a lot of the same faces 3, 4 and more days - same 2-3 hours each for days still same problems a

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Wildwood, Florida

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