I had to switch my phone company to a different one because Verizon was too expensive but yesterday I asked the verizon support agents if I still will be able to use my Cloud and they said I can use it for 30 days after I cancel but I can't seem to login and I don't know why. I'm trying everything.

I have over 20k photos, videos and more on there of really important times in my life and I have photos of my grandma who passed away on there. I don't know why I can't login. It says my account doesn't exist please help I can't get support because they say I am no longer a customer. What do I do I'm so upset I'm on the *** of tears.

I'm so scared. Please help me get my photos back please.Why did verizon close my cloud when they said I have it for 30 days after?

User's recommendation: Be Careful.

Location: Garden City, New York

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