I just switched from Sprint after 20 years as I thought it couldn't get any worse than Tmobile. I was wrong.

To start with I spoke to customer service to get a new phone and an inexpensive 5 G plan. Of course I didn't know I was being lied to but along with being told I would have my phone on 22 and didn't receive it till the 26th, I was also enrolled into a 4 g plan. I spent 3 hours on text with customer service when they couldn't figure out why my son's phone could text me but not call me. Never figured it out.

I ended up fixing it myself. Then I'm told I get a discount for auto payment but when I put in my credit card it says the card isn't eligible for discount. They want me to get a Verizon credit card or my bank card to get the discount.

Never once was this mentioned to me in my numerous conversations with customer service. Is that even legal???


Location: Palmetto, Florida

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