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I have been with Verizon for a number of years. I have multiple lines with Verizon (phones, tablet, smartwatch).

My husband is also retired from the USAF. Over the years, every time we added a line or upgraded a phone, our upgrade and activation fees have been waived. We were told these fees were waived because we were military. I recently added a smartwatch line and was told by the retail associate that my activation fee would be waived because I am military.

All I needed to do was call in and let Verizon know, and they would waive my action fee. I called into Verizon and asked politely to have my activation fee waived because I am military. The first time I called in, the wonderful ladies I spoke with said no problem that they would waive the fee. When I went to pay my bill a couple of days later, I noticed that the activation fee for my smartwatch was still there.

I called Verizon and asked if they could remove it. This is when the information changed and I was told that Verizon does not waive activation fees for military. This was the first in many years that I have ever heard this. I was shocked by the misinformation that was being given.

I was informed that the wonderful ladies I had spoken to before had added a $35 courtesy credit to my account, but I was unaware of this and became confused when I saw the activation fee was still attached when I went to pay my bill. This is a very confusing situation. The "supervisor" or "lead" I spoke to came across as very condescending. I told her I was thankful that the prior ladies helped me out, but I was extremely disappointed with the misinformation being fed to military service members and their families.

Thankfully, $35 is no big deal to my family, but there are countless military members that struggle to survive monthly on the small amount they are paid. A $35 fee could really put them in a serious bind. $35 could buy a container of formula or a package of diapers or ramen noodles for a starving young Airman. It is sad that Verizon being the oligopoly that it is, it can't even help its service members out by waiving their activation fees.

I guess Verizon doesn't care about its service members as much as they would like society to believe.

Military members and thier families go through enough already. We do not need to be given the stress of misinformation from a company we rely on to stay in touch with our family, fellow service members, and friends.

User's recommendation: If you are military, try to find another company that will honor your service. If you are military or not, double check everything on your own that you are told by Verizon before you purchase. They are notorious for giving out misinformation.

Monetary Loss: $35.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Tucson, Arizona

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