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What Verizon service do I begin with.... wow. Lets see.

Business: My company bought out another company and all Verizon had to do was transfer the phone/internet service into the new company's name. After 3 months of shutting off service at our location, and the former owner's person residence back and forth every other week, they still don't have the correct name on the account. The CFO, me and the former owner probably wasted about 20 hours dealing with this issue. You would talk to one customer rep and they would tell you one thing, and then a week later you would talk to another and they would tell you something completely different. Its hard to work at an office when you only have about 3 hours of reliable service for the day, and then on Wednesday service is cut off and doesn't resume until the follow Monday. Horrible customer service.

Personal cell phone: I cancelled my service and it only took about 45 min because the representative has a long list of ways to try to retain the customer. (they even laughed and told me this "I have to go through my list before we cancel.. haha.." I didn't find it funny). After telling me that everything was good to go, 2 weeks later I receive a regular bill. I called back and they told me it didn't go through. Instead of pro-rating the bill back 2 weeks to when it was supposed to cancel, they told me that they wouldn't be able to do that. Probably wasted about 5 hours of my life there as well. As soon as you cancel phone or internet service, Verizon immediately closes your online account so that you have no more access to information online, including payment. What *** at Verizon thought of that idea???? Its obviously on purpose as a punishment for cancelling with them. WHATEVER YOU DO - DO NOT SIGN UP FOR PAPERLESS EMAIL BILLS. As soon as you cancel, you will lose all of your access to these bills and won't be able to document anything as they *** around and lie.

Internet: My wife called Verizon and told them we were going to be living in an apartment for 6 months and we did not want a contract and what could they offer. Cox was offering 100Mbs for $49.99 / NO CONTRACT. Verizon told her they could do 15Mbs for $35 / NO CONTRACT. They then sent an email to her (which we never read) saying that we were in a 2 yr agreement. The follow month when we received the bill, and I saw 2 yr agreement, we called up the same cust rep and asked him what was going on. After "talking to his manager" he got back on the phone and told us that everything was good to go and he had removed the 2 yr agreement. The following month it was still there. I called back several more times over the next 2 months and was told every single time that they would be getting back with me about the issue. I never received one return call. All of a sudden, the 2yr lingo was dropped from the bill so I assumed that it had been taken care of. After 6 months, I called to cancel service and they told me that there would be a cancellation fee because we were terminating the contract before 2 years. I told them I thought that this was taken care of and we never agreed to a 2 year agreement. I have called and talked to a dozen different people and they said we could have only cancelled within 14 days of beginning the contract.... I didn't know I was bait-and-switched until the following month when receiving my first bill. Again, depending on who you talk to, you will get different answers, lies, and promises. Verizon is a horrible company.

Reason of review: All of the above and more.

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