It just seems to be the new norm, when your lucky enough to get a real live person to talk with, if they cant figure your problem or is going to take some doing to get things figured out- amazing how fast they oops drop your call. And your left going - hello?

hello? Happened more then 3 times. When I finally got some help, then started to take my number and call me back. Took 2 nights of calling.

I fell asleep on the couch waiting for my last call back which I never received. Was my issue fixed, I paid for a month of a international plan, my phone was never able to be used once we left our condo. Goggle maps, nope, waze I used, had to put where we headed to before we left our condo and luckily it would give us directions. If we changed our plans while out we had to stop somewhere to use there internet to get new directions.

And all the while Im paying for a months worth of your international plan. Others had working phones.

We just purchased iPhone 12 from Verizon, thinking it would be best for our trip of 2 weeks. Pissed yes Im a very pissed customer.

Location: Burnsville, Minnesota

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