Well, me knowing that my brother had an account with Verizon I thought it to be ok to get on his plan and get a phone, although much more expensive than I normally pay per month. Everything was going as planned until he decides to txt me that he's changing services and dropping the account.

Being that he's over the account when I called to speak with a representative I couldn't because I don't have his account. As I'm dropping my car off to be serviced my service is dropped, barring me from all services outside of social media. The biggest problem I've had is communicating with my client; I'm a caregiver.

So, I've been very frustrated in knowing he took it upon himself to be so foul to drop my services, yet he's still on your plan, to my understanding. But given the phone was on his contract and being used I don't see how he was allowed to drop it knowing the phone was not paid off.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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