Was trying to switch from cricket to Verizon thought I could do it all online until the end and it told me I had to send more verification so I did and it still didnt go through He told me I had to call fraud department which I did talk to the guy who was very helpful or so I thought nonetheless he was a really nice youre a really good *** thought I had all cleared up he told me go ahead and resubmit your application and Ive already preapproved everything to go through well five days later they still wasnt approved after three more applications were submitted I had spent at least 10 hours on the phone being transferred from this department today being put on hold even though they knew the department was closed meanwhile my service with cricket had expired and been expired for two days I what iPhone not wanting to pay another month of service there and then switch only to find out that because I had applied so many times as directed by the staff of Verizon that I was denied speak to a supervisor or manager only to be told Im sorry I understand Im sorry I understand you can get prepaid no acknowledgment of the fact that his staff is the one that directed me through this whole thing meanwhile telling me one after another were going to get were gonna get a second care of dont worry about it youre preapproved *** Verizon if theres ever a purge I know where Im going

User's recommendation: Don’t support them ***.

Verizon Wireless Pros: Hahaha.

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