This company has become trash like so many other major companies. They don't care one bit for their customers or their satisfaction, just about making as much money as possible.

My new iPhone 13 suddenly can't send or receive SMS messages anymore (iMessage still works however).

Called Customer Service today and I sat on-hold for 1hr and 5mins and eventually just hung up since no one ever answered. When you are able to get through, you will get foreign tech support that you can hardly understand. They try hard to help but usually can't.

This is just the latest issue. Within the last 2 months I have had multiple problems getting help from Verizon.

When I ordered my new iPhone 13 mini in late November, I paid extra for overnight shipping.

Needless to say, it came in 3-days later and when I asked them to refund my shipping costs They said they would but I never got the money back.

In December my wife also needed a new phone. So we ordered her the Standard IPhone 13. They stated that they would wave the $40 device upgrade fee like they did for my phone. Well, they didn't wave it.

I called and sat on the phone for around 30min before finally getting an Indian tech support who originally stated several times that I would just have to pay it. But after multiple times of me insisting that I didn't want to pay it and him putting me on hold to ask his supervisors, we finally settled on a $20 credit. Better than nothing but ridiculous they they'd have to haggle so much when I've been a loyal customer for 14 years.

There are many other instances that I could go on about, but I've already wasted enough of my time on this company.

I suggest looking elsewhere for wireless services. When enough people do, maybe Verizon will make a change too!

User's recommendation: Look elsewhere for wireless services. When enough people do, maybe Verizon will make a change too!

Location: Panama City, Florida

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