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Perhaps it is the "way of the world" these days and I'm sure COVID hasn't helped, but in general telecommunications companies have made record profits during this time and it has not translated to better service. I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for many years and the customer service has gone from poor, to very poor to now essentially non-existent.

All the major carriers have spun off web-based companies that have a bare-bones business & support model, designed to maximize profits for the current tech-savvy and younger client market. I get it, that makes sense. Companies like Visible, essentially a Verizon company. But you would think that Verizon would at least consider ensure good customer support for their flag-ship, full-service product?

They have so locked-down their IVR systems that it is next to impossible to actually speak with a live human being, much less an on-shore and knowledgeable human being that is making more than $5/hr. If you wish to wait for any human being it means you will typically wait for roughly one or more hours.. Who can do this? If you want a call back (not urgent), it may be sometime tomorrow.


Are there not enough tier-1 support folks in your Manilla call center? This level of non-care makes me and I would think most customers, desire to switch to ANY OTHER PROVIDER, and makes it easy to switch to one of the low-cost web-based providers, even if the profits ultimately roll up to Verison.

Then again, perhaps that is the point and their goal.

Preferred solution: A reasonable customer service option.

Verizon Wireless Pros: Few.

Verizon Wireless Cons: Worst customer service model - ever.

Location: 1100 North Broome Street, Waxhaw, NC 28173

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