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I called Verizon Fathers Day to get my account unlocked. Noted that network has been not very good, but it works.

Agent Rep said, oh, I can fix your network problem, let's network reset your phone. I have not had service since. No internet, no calling, texting, messages, etc. Phone will not reactivate.

They put a new Sim in 3 times, nope! Blaming Samsung and me. Told me to buy new 200 dollar plus phone. Just bought this one 2 months prior.

Called Samsung, on for 6 hours. Told to go to center, they will fix or replace! No they did not even look at it and I had a ticket number. Didn't care!

Blamed it on Walmart where I bought the phone from Exchange for new one and send old to Samsung. Nope, they will not, even though under warranty! So, I am a disabled female, no phone, can't use for even emergencies.

My money tree in the back yard needs to sprout 200 plus leaves for a new phone. Social Security certainly won't pay for it!

User's recommendation: Do not let any rep reset your phone in any way. They do not honor their service or replacement service. Neither does Samsung!

Location: Chevy Chase, Maryland

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never trust any of there "agents" they will lie and do nothing. they know that nothing will happen to them so they do what they want and will lie to cover themselves.

to unlock the phone does not require a "reset " of any king period all these " agents" paid seat warmers know is there script. to unlock a phone all you have to do is put in request, some can be done on the phone ( network settings ) some need a pin, varies by phone and or carrier. i would file a complaint with the better business bureau, someone from " executive relations" which is nothing more than a glorified rep will contact you perhaps email first or a call.

you give them the issue ( they pretend to listen or care) and if your lucky they will get the problem resolved. can also file a complaint ( consumser complaint) with the fcc they are required to unlock your phone

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