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Before being inflicted with Verizon my company was a long standing customer with Alltell. Due to the buy out we got moved over to a Verizon account. Now I will say we did have minor problems with coverage area with Alltell but no better or worse than what we have with Verizon.....

With the exception that now, on occasion we don't have an account with Verizon. I'll grab my phone to make a call and I get a voice screaming in my ear "Your account can not be verified...." it goes on with some codes after that. So then I have to restart my phone, if I'm in the right area it will work, if not... Well, I guess I don't have an account.

Calls to Verizon got us "Oh your using Alltell phones we need to change you to Verizon phones...." So 30 new phones are purchased... Same problem. Call Verizon "The code the recording is giving isn't one of ours. We need you to press* something something to send a trace call." Ok, try that. Same error message.

Dozens of calls. Multiple tickets opened. All there best tecs looking into the problem and there is never a problem found. But we still don't have an account at random times.

Where the real problem comes in is that we are on the road doing service work and when this happens we can't get calls, we can't make calls, voice mail will not show on the phone until you get a new voice mail or text.

I got to the point after many calls I made one last call, "You win. I accept my phone will just stop working. And there is nothing the combined brain power of Verizon can do. But what I can do is tell every person I can that Verizon sucks.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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