While Verizon did get me the new Samsung Galaxy Ultra S2, which T-Mobile couldn't, they have not kept their promise to give me my cell phone trade in deal. I received the new phone in August 2021.

I did the $500 trade in for my previous Galaxy. It is now December 31, 2021, and they still claim it's being processed in the warehouse. In the meantime, I've been paying between $190 - $160 each month for my bill. I've had AT&T and T-mobile in the past and have never in my life paid such high fees or waited so long for a trade in to be applied to my bill.

It feels very shady and unprofessional. Plus, the coverage is crap. I get dropped calls weekly and no service messages at work.

The worst phone reception of any cell company. I'm biding my time to return to T-mobile.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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