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I was in the Verizon store I sat there about hour and a half got first Ran my credit check and then said we approve for a phone I was switching actually but I guy said we talk about 40 mins he was telling I was getting a phone but i ain't told him I was checking it out so he sat down and told me I was getting the phone he didn't say anything about the money it wouldn't matter how much it was I just want to see ok give me number and said come back in about an 2 hour so I was thinking I didn't have to pay yet and he said if u approve o can take it with I appreciate that so still wasn't sure how no money wasn't mentioned i called the store I asked what was the deal before I take that long trip he said come back another guy said he couldn't tell me nothing over the phone I'm like iny mind dam I was just there about 4 hours ago so he give me number and said they tell if I was good again before take that long trip again so I called the number and they say I was approve for a a limit so I was like I'm going down here and hope they not on the bull so I get there around 7:40 close at 8 dude name josh was over there and a man and woman was over there laughing and gossiping I'm done sat down for another 30 minutes he whispsering and shht its only me and my sister and them so it's 8:09 he still laughing like it's not close time he finally called me over being we the only 3 in there I was thinking he was coming were we at ate less he had us sit there why the was clearly on some fun stuff I go over he asked all over again sumthing I already did he was here earlier he claims he didn't know what was happening so he had me sign something I can tell he didn't want to talk about it so he did the same thing the first person did like sumthing was telling me by the look on his face he didn't act like he was telling me I had pay 200 dollars I got *** cause I was here for hour and half before and any he could told me and should not got that *** but I could from earlier how he was looking he had some hidden hate really I didn't pay no attention to him I kept thinking about what his issue he came over just to see what he was saying so he said something and Walk off could call me when they I knew I had pay for it then he tried to say I had to and I'm looking me why you didn't say anything earlier and I would told him I be back today and I could had the money and was telling me he didn't say anything earlier today never got a excuse I got mad I spent time on the internet doing the night before I carefully read I even order one on contract phone online but at the end of the day I was thinking about it cuz at the end of the day I was still on the phone contract and I was going regret it in the long run less say I pay 90 a month for two years for sumthing with no warranty I was probably was going drop it and now I'm fyyk but thanks u Verizon store you really need to be more productive when come to people going thru so much and with all is going on war coronavirus hate and hard time and one u got pay for new phone like I asked for 5g got phone on and can't use only text known I paid my bills to talk and now I got paid for two hundreds dollars phone and willing to put myself in debt and so *** thinking I would been throwing my phone I pay two hundred dollars for another phone and still had service just too get away from a fugk up phone service and ran into another one with ruled attitude but again I didn't have no clue what to do now but I'm stuck are think about if I want go through verizon not coming back to that store cause I it was simple people first time not good for two mine peoples everybody don't got money to throw away but right now got no choice but to contract phone prepaid cards is got u with got buy phone and ain't worth shif and most importantly 5g people got phone for good price and now u got get a update phone and ain't got no money to still trying make call and u can't get calls they can't come thru all I can do is text tell you all about nice phone and willing to make u pay for it but I don't mind sending texts before I deal with that bull againLOLLOL

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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