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I spoke with Jonathan who informed me that by signing up again for a CONTRACT and setting up AUTO PAY, I could reduce my $215 monthly fee by $30.00 and $5.00 respectfully down to $180.00. This is an unsatisfactory reduction.

Verizon should adopt SENIOR RATES for those on a fixed income like m

myself, my phone service was cut in half because of senior rates.

I was forced to RETIRE due to my job going to INDIA, so to live on SSR is virtually impossible to pay this amount for TV and WIFI which I got for work.

I planned to work until my mid-seventies.

Which leads me to - WHY am I paying for the SPANISH SPEAKING channels? I do NOT watch because I do not speak SPANISH, VERIZON IS COMPLICIT IN MAKING THE USA A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!

All US Citizens when taking the OATH to become a citizen, must speak ENGLISH!

I realize YOU are catering to them for your bottom line, it's all about the MONEY for you to pay or overpay those UNION INSTALLERS.

Coming into my home spewing their LIBERAL LOVING POLITICS.

IF Verizon would modify (easily done with your computers) my service and transmit ONLY the channels I watch would result in a tremendous SAVINGS FOR SENIORS.

I am able to obtain the exact same service with your competitors for around $60.00. SHAME ON YOU!

User's recommendation: RUN FOR THE HILLS - I will never recommend VERIZON FIOS.

Preferred solution: adopt lower rates for those on a fixed income - remove spanish speaking stations for those of us who DO NOT SPEAK SPANISH!.

Verizon Wireless Pros: Customer service out of new jersey - jonathan.

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Spanish channels exists and you don’t have to speak English in this country there is no defined language here. Also if you can’t afford it then don’t have it it’s super simple.

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