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Verizon Wireless Plan Review from Denver, Colorado

My mom and i opened a family plan with verizon. Shortly after she died and verizon refused to let me do anything with the account since i was not the primary account holder. I was passed from customer service agent to customer service agent and none of them would help. By the time power of attorney was granted verizon refused to accept any of the devices back. Continued to charge late fees and stuck me with a $1700.00 bill. Shame on you Verizon!
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Iphone 6 Plus Review

A rep on phone got approval for a discount on my iphone 6 plus. He promised me a $200 credit but i had to pay the cost of phone up front when it ships.. I never got my credit!!! No one calls me backs. It was bs deal & i paid full ******* price!!!!!! Ive been a verizon customer 10 yrs!!!!!! I am VERY PISSED!!!!!
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Price Affordability
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I've been a 20 year customer with Verizon and until recently they had always taken care of me when company policy didn't jive with common sense. However, this time they refuse to make things right. Our bill went a few days overdue in Oct/2014; the check for the...
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I liked
  • For the first 20 years
I didn't like
  • Getting screwed after 20 yrs
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I have an outstanding credit score and VW has put a hit on my credit report when their online system wasn't working correct. They started putting late fees on my bill without any due dates on them, so my account kept accruing late fees ($113.00 in late fees). ...
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When I try to make a payment from my phone with their *** app, it doesn't work. I've talked to them about it and they say we are having problems with that app, don't use it. Well take the defective app off of my phone. Also, when I try to log into their website at...
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Donald Duck

Thats Right.Get a prepaid phone for voice only and throw it out if it doesn't work. Verizon is a Shark Company, Just like United Airlines, its ALL about the money.Prepaid, no ...

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