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In the middle of 2012 I purchased a Mi-Fi wireless hot spot with Verizon. I loved it, worked very well. I had done research and it happened to have high reviews. After a few months of satisfied service from Verizon, I walked into a BJ’s market place to inquire about switching providers for all my devises. This is after a long 10+ years with AT&T, Verizon just seemed to have more of what I needed. I run a business in San Diego and was expanding into the Miami market. I was looking to add another line but wanted to have it on all one bill. A Mr. Robert Navas helped me out and informed me that Verizon had that capability, and suggested that for an additional $30 a month I could add to my exsisting hot spot account would bring my bill to $110 after the activation of $36 (wtf is that a key stroke?? Crooks) any way that is no surprise all companies do that. So my bill comes and it is for $256. Now I have 22 smart phone and another back up phone line with AT&T and that bill is not that high. So I went back to BJ’s to talk to Mr. Navas, and basically was told to pound sand that it was past the 14 day grace period. Well yeah, my bill comes every month not every 14 days how was I to know what the *** was going on. After getting nowhere with him I started to call customer support. And here is a time stamped log of all the contact and what and who I spoke with.

10/31/2012 12:30 PMwent in to ask about the Iphone on verizon network and talked to Roberto Navas @ 16250 SW 88th st.hs told me it would be an additional $30 for a flip phone when i received my first bill I thought I seeing things so I waited till the secon bill and freaked out because the bill was not what I was told.Yesterday I called customer support and talked to Priscilla and then Shawnika she agreeded with me and said it would be easier for me to return at the store. I went in to the store and talked with Roberto and he said nothing he could do, I asked why he lied to me and did a whole bunch of changes to account. Went I called customer suppoort in the store they put me back to what Roberto and I agreed upon, $80 for jet pack I was already paying and $30 for the line. However I was billed the last two moonths at the liars plane and I want to just send everything back due to them lyiing and trying to do shady business. I 11/01/2012 12:36 PMWhile in the store at BJ's I spoke with a Heather 782196 and then a Chevilla ext. 231 she reffereed me to 678-339-4000 out of Alabama, I called and left a message with "Stevie's" Assistant.

11/01/2012 04:06 PMSpoke with a Maryanne she also said it was easier for me to walk into store they should be able to help me out that I may have to pay a restocking fee.11/02/2012 9:30 AMWent back into store and Mr. Navas with a grin on his face said nothing he could do.11/02/2012 04:10 PMCalled Linda pamplinstevie johnson

Linda is the Customer service director

11/05/2012 6:45 PMSpoke with a Letrel, she said if I wanted to cancle services she would meet me half way. at $80. She is going to try and contact the BJ's and talk with them about taking the phone back. advised me to contact finacial services @866-266-1445

11/05/2012 09:28 AMcalled and left message with a chiviol (??)... think that is her name

11/15/2012 11:04 AMSpoke with Linda and she listened to what i hade to say and said someone would get back in touch with me11/16/2012 10:11 AMLetrel called and said they would meet me half way and refund $90 of the $180 cancelation

11/16/2012 10:16 AMcall dropped with latrel and I called Stevie Johnson and got a voicemail for Linda Pamplin11/16/2012 10:47 AMLatrel called me back and let me know that when I call Linda Pamplin or Stevie Johnson they refer her back to me. So she gave me her nuumber 678-215-2085. Aslo they have an excutive Division and if I cannot get this problem handled that iis the route. Latrel said she noted my account the on the 19th my old plan will back in effect. 10gb for $80


Senior Vice Presidentsend last email to Mr. Mcdonald

After reaching out to Mr. McDonald and not getting a reply. Well let’s just say I am up for a PROJECT!


Let’s do the math shall we..Hot Spot $80 month2 smart phones with additional line $220 Added line for Miami $30 a month (well that’s what Mr.Navas was selling LIE!, but the sake of argument $30)

= $330 x 2 year contract $7920.00

How many people can I reach in two years???? I bet it will be more effective than $8,000

I wonder how Verizon has gotten so far with this management team? I own a business and I am GREATFUL FOR EVERY CUSTOMER WE HAVE AND WOULD MOVE MOUTAINS TO KEEP THEM

It really doesn’t matter, Verizon is doing just fine I know. So am I.

I am asking one last time for someone that has authority to review this, I have better things to do with my time. Please don’t think for 1 second though, that I will not take 20 minutes out of my day to find places to talk about this. Until this contract is up. I no longer am with Verizon for ANYTHING!!!!! I just want to give you crooks back you equipment and for my account to be completely exonerated. Unfortunately at this time I WILL NOT be in the market for a hot spot, wireless, or anything you have to offer. I will say this, after going through a similar situation with U-Verse they corrected the problem and 2 years after that problem was resolved and the fact they had GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE I am now a U-VERSE customer.. So doing the right thing pays off. (FYI – I loved my hot spot and am upset this all happened, but *** happens)

Randy 760-586-2029

Monetary Loss: $7980.

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So I separated from the mother of my youngest son when he turned 18 and I took care of a majority of our financial affairs between her and I recently my my ex was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer between medications chemotherapy fatigue has has had difficulties keeping up with timely organization of finance but to make things worse robber barons like Verizon find a way to continuously rip off the physically disabled let alone those of us *** their manipulative conniving thieving ways for what they are. She had asked for a minimum plan a number of months back $15 for certain amount of minutes Verizon did not bother telling her notifying her as they have me in the past with threatening phone calls to shut off my service after eight years as a customer paying over 2000 a year at Christmas when I spent on upgrade for my son and I and two year contract with phones covers cases and all they gave me a set rate I could reasonably afford and then sent me a bill for $800 needless to say took me 3 months to pay it off and catch up and would leave them if not for my son but may yet .

I still occasionally look after my ex wife and always my children. Now back to their mother she asked for a minimum plant and received a bill for $400 because Verizon and they're greedy robber baron way could not call or send notification in mail as they have me in the past the one time I got behind at Christmas now a woman with cancer has to cancel verizon as I told her I will put her on my AT&T account and she is not to pay them but $10 a month until caught up then if she chooses to she can go back to Verizon but until then *** them


Verizon wireless is trying to charge me for a proven case of identity theft! I have the police report and everything! Verizon wireless are money hungry crooks!


you must have a boring life lol

to verizon Denver, Colorado, United States #800471

Yes I do, thank you. Have had all charges revered.

Oh and BTW you troll sites adding comments. One day I will drink milk and hope that I grow up just like you trolling complaint sites adding comments that do not pertain to me.



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