Took my money, never applied credit, total California Public Utilities Commission violation and I will file a complaint. In May 2021, went to store and traded in 2 phones for a $699 credit each per the agreement and paid the differences for an iPhone 12.

Representative said 2-3 months to see credits and debits hit. Did not happen. Called Verizon 8/8/21, and told not problem, will fix it as $29 monthly credit for 1 of the two phones was not crediting. Not fixed and where is my hard earned money, Verizon?

Called again October 6. Sat in queue for a very long time and passed off to three people that each asked me to explain the problem with not resolution. Told Representative that was customer for 15 years and to cancel my service if can not resolve asap and I rather go with another carrier through direct access. Rep said they would take care of it immediately.

A Supervisor named John called me back in 30 minutes. Told them to look up history in their billing system and Supervisor said there was no record - not true - as I know billing system for utilities. Supervisor said would take care of it immediately and would see it not in October (many months later), but in November bill. November bill comes and still no credit.

At this point, not only is this a breach of contract it is negligent business practices and border line theft by holding my money and not giving it back. Called again November 3, and Rep. said Supervisor would call back. Supervisor called back 30 minutes later and promises to take care of it.

Not only promises a credit of $175 for the $29 credit back to May, but also a one time billing credit of $15 for inconvenience. Never happened again, Verison! Now this is reckless and close to intentionally keeping my money without interest and much closer to theft. Supervisor promises to make it right and will personally make sure he checks the next billing statement and will provide a follow up call to make sure it is resolved.

Told November bill would be $242.00 minus a $175 original credit back to May which brings it to $67.66 and a one time credit of $15 bringing it to $52.16. Never happened. Again! I told the Supervisor I no longer believe him and Verizon.

Again he promised me it would be taken care of. I said give me a transaction number because I don't believe you and he said: #8115****. Just. got November bill - 6 months of trying to resolve and no credit, no call, no nothing.

This is equal to fraud for sure and perhaps petty theft. I am going to the CPUC no matter what the cost and will plan to attend their public meeting to voice with my 1 minute what is happening to me. My account is #87084****-*0001. Verizon - not only will I be waiting for your immediate call and manual bill correction and apology.

I personally will not let you do this to others. I spend a lot of time at the CPUC meetings and I know the problems with Telecom and I am sure Commissioner Shiroma will be sick and tired of people telling the same story about how horrible Verizon is.

I plan to spend my 1 minute mentioning penalties. Thanks and have a nice day.

Location: Monrovia, California

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