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From Jan 2016-Jan 2017 I couldn't figure out why out of 8 years did my bill go from being normal to being about $600-$1200 a month! I finally reached out to an executive because I knew something wasn't right.

I was having issues with credit cards being opened in my name, my bank accounts were effected and it's been a nightmare ever since. Well after speaking with someone from the executive team of Verizon Wireless I was shipped a new phone on Dec 27th. I waited until after the New Year to change it out. I went into a store to get help with transferring my information over to the new phone.

The tech at the store did it all within 45 minutes, he even packaged my old phone up in the box noticed there was no return label. Told me no worries dial 611 from your device and it will be shipped to you. Well here I am still waiting for that label 5 months later, 2-4 phone calls in to Verizon Wireless Customer Service a week, multiple times that charge for the phone not being returned that now sits on my bill has caused our phones to be suspended even though at times 12 hours before I was promised it was on hold, I've woken up with them off I was on the phone with a rep until 11:30pm being promised it was taken care. Being charged $30 reconnect fees, once I even paid for it to be shipped to an address provided by the rep on the phone out to the warehouse in Texas!

All for them to refuse it and 11 days later it was back on my porch! I am done! too many phone calls, too many headaches, too many promises, charges and ending up in tears while on the phone with these reps due to the frustration.

There are so many other things my money should have went too since I am the sole provider in my family with my husband being disabled from a car accident and having two small children. Enough is enough already!!!!!

Review about: Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Please try using correct punctuation and grammar. Your review was very difficult to read.

to ES #1378746

Why don't you find something else to do besides pick on grammar? I wonder if you have ever typed whole angry on a cell phone? If it's that hard to read why read it?

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