Been working with Verizon regarding my 2020 SE iPhone. Talked with several tech people trying to help me, finally referred me to the elite tech area.

Heather did an a excellent job trying to diagnose the problem, Also running several tests on my phone, nothing really helping her. She sent me a new sim card, which took me about a week to determine if it was helping. H at her actually offered to call me back in n a certain date, to check on how the new sim card worked. Was too soon to tell.

Most of my problems stemmed from dropped calls, Wi-Fi or cellular data not working, whether home or away. After 2 weeks, still having sporadic problems with both issues. Last day of my warranty(Sunday 10/31) and cannot get a hold of a live person on phone, and my chat supposedly with a live agent gave me a message of cannot complete this chat at this time,

So hoping Verizon will man up and do the right thing tomorrow with my continual problem with this iPhone.

My boyfriend who lives with me has a Samsung Galaxy on the same account as me, and always has cellular data or Wi-Fi at any place and time he needs it. Has to be this phone after two months of calling Verizon for help

Location: Bradenton, Florida

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