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I'm a 20-year customer. Now Im committed to making sure everyone knows about my customer experience with the company!

Every time I need to upgrade my phone it's an awful tedious runaround to get equipment,talk to an associate,discuss VZW in general.

Bottom line sucks, It has never ever been a good experience at retail offices. It's also always necessary to contact one of the corporate representatives they have been helpful to resolve new upgrade issues.

This time I'm only remaining a customer to make sure everyone knows about this crap. I've been a customer longer than most of your Retail Associates now.

I know the ropes of this company and this time absolutely not what I expected. From every facet possible.

My issues aren't resolved and they won't be resolved-per agent. I was told there is nothing else they can do and that is it.

I guess there's nothing else that I can do except make sure other people know about this company's business, so they are not disrespected ripped off, scammed, loyalty betrayed. I'm a verizon Wireless Pioneer. Everyone will make better decisions on a cell phone carrier!

I upgraded and feel like I've downgraded because the functionality of your flagship v60 is nothing like my 2016 S8.

I thought I was upgrading now for the 5G Network. No service something about your towers broken. NOT My Issue. I want money back and the appropriate device with discounts and accessories I expected!

Working 5G service! Network resetting? SCRew I was told by your Associates this wasn't a 5G phone?? My SD card was ripped out?

I had to go to multiple offices before to find this phone. Backorder online couldn't complete purchase. Lost promotion?mis-communication among offices. I did not receive a promotion.

I had to go to the store to buy the phone -after upgrading my plan online- so not receiving the promotions or the dual-screen device that is part of the promotion. Online error code? I was told there is nothing that they could do. I missed a promotion however made this purchase before?

and LG's website has different information than Verizon's about the promotion time- from the Verizon promotion section on the Anyways the retail Associates told me that I wasn't eligible for a trade in. now the next day after the transactions done 1st of the month all the sudden Verizon allows damaged trade-in broken screen $400? The other promotion ended this day and you had to go to the store to pick it up so you didnt buy online actually?

2 hours of CS this morning. The associate made me optimistic researching and finding the promotion. Hang up sorry for being a loyal customer sewed ya!

I can go on and on how I was swindled and will continue to do this about my last 20 years as a pioneer. Especially this time,

I upgraded to a phone that I don't think functionally is the same as my old phone.

2 your 5G plan doesn't work!?! and it's not an issue with me or my phone area or my damaged SD card. I reset the network settings. I do my own troubleshooting.

I want solutions! I know my way around more than any of your Associates.

I'm completely disappointed totally ripped off, swindled. Passed off All I want is a stupid dual screen case

User's recommendation: Don't be one now reconsider.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Activation.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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